About Us

About Us


Our organization’s prime focus is to provide the quality of education to the children irrespective of any gender, race, caste and status.

Navdarpan is a Non Government Organization working towards transforming and empowering lives of people who are in need and enabling them to achieve maximum potential through care, compassion and concern. Established in 2017, Navdarpan is working towards sustainable development of marginalized communities at a national level. Its mission is to educate every child who did not go to school and poor and mentally disturb students in the society and develop the country. In the past, organization has provided education to poor people and needy children, financial support in paying school fees, free ration distribution, cultural programs etc. Its vision is to empower students to acquire demonstrate & Value Knowledge and skills that will support than to participate and contribute to the global world.

  • Education Sector
  • Cultural Programs
  • Minority Awareness
  • Financial Support to BPL people
  • Working in education sector.
  • Financial support to parents of students.
  • Food distribution to poor families.

Vision of the organization – Holistic development of every child through world class education.

Mission of the organization –

  • To provide academic excellence to every child who can’t afford financially
  • To empower the Students to meet challenges as active participants.
  • To provide education to special child (physically and mentally disturbed).
  • To promote inclusive education.
  • To attract the experienced faculty who through their teaching skills helps the student to develop holistically.
  • To foster creative environment for social, physical, mental and emotional development of child.

Objectives of the organisation –

  • To facilitate improvements in learning outcomes of 180 beneficiaries using individualized teaching and learning methods suitable to their interest and
  • To promote holistic development of 180 children through extracurricular
  • To motivate students to master the tools of learning and communication.
  • To offer opportunities to participate in social activities.
  • To help student with e-learning.
  • To develop within each students moral, ethical and spiritual values.

Vital part of the biggest wish granting organization in the world