Environment Conservation


Environment is a Paramount and we shouldn’t hustle with it”

There are many environmental issues in India. Air pollution, water pollution, garbage domestically prohibited goods and pollution of the natural environment are all challenges for India. Nature is also causing some drastic effects on India. The situation was worse between 1947 to1995. According to data collection and environment assessment studies of World Bank experts, between 1995 to 2010, India has made some of the fastest progress in addressing its environmental issues and improving its environmental quality in the world. Still, India has a long way to go to reach environmental quality similar to those enjoyed in developed economies. Pollution remains a major challenge and opportunity for India.

Some have cited economic development as the cause regarding the environmental issues. It is suggested that India’s growing population is the primary cause of India’s environmental degradation. Systematic studies challenge this theory. Empirical evidence from countries such as Japan, England and Singapore, each with population density similar to or higher than that of India, yet each enjoying environmental quality vastly superior to India’s, suggests population density may not be the only factor affecting India’s issues.


Navdarpan’s Stand for Environment :-

  • Awareness programmes are organised quarterly .
  • Special social event based on waste management had been organised.
  • Waste management techniques are advised publicly.
  • Cleanliness drives are also being conducted in Delhi NCR and Himachal Pradesh .
  • Special guidance is given to the people about The use of Conventional resources like Solar Energy and The need to use EV’s.